Pegasus: The Series

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The Series

The series is about four people whose lives intertwine in a tale of redemption, deception, and revenge against a ruthless organization that has killed someone they all care about.


Teaser below for the Pegasus Series!

Pegasus - Teaser - Gavin


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The Pilot

In the pilot, we are introduced to the main protagonist, Alexandra, head of Pegasus. She is trying to discover who murdered her mentor and friend. We learn about the people close to her in her life, like Patty, and how they assist her as colleagues and friends. We learn about multiple other parties with unknown roles in the grand story ranging from the CIA, to Pegasus (a CIA-like organization run largely by women), to Meredith, a young, attentive woman on a secret mission, and finally, Gavin, a young, Asian, cynical bodyguard secretly looking after her with help from an Anonymous-like group.