Rebecca Maddalo

Director / Co-Creator

A graduate of Harvard University and a current MFA candidate at the American Film Institute, She received her B.A. in Filmmaking with a minor in Music, and is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Directing for Film.

Rebecca began her career in documentary work, focusing on representing marginalized and smaller communities. Most notably, she acted as Associate Producer on the feature length documentary, The Guys Next Door, which premiered in 2016 at the Sarasota Film Festival and has screened at numerous festivals since.

A few years ago, Rebecca transitioned to narrative filmmaking. She has since made nine short films that range from comedy to drama to action. As a versatile artist, Rebecca easily adapts to the challenges that each new project presents.

Rebecca’s films have been recognized as official selections in both the Boston International Film Festival and the New England Online Film Festival. In addition to the Pegasus project, Rebecca is currently in pre-production for her thesis film, Burden, which has been greenlit as an official American Film Institute production and is scheduled to shoot in the spring of 2018.

Richard Ho

Producer / Co-Creator

Richard has always been interested in film and has immersed himself in the film world to learned as much as possible about the intricacies of a film production. With that knowledge, he has teamed up with Rebecca to create Pegasus.

Richard graduated from the University of Michigan with an Engineering degree. After college, Richard spent the next six years working in various industry  from defense to commercial to financial.

Through his varied experience, Richard has gathered first-hand knowledge of technology, security, online gaming, and human psychology. This experience has helped Pegasus have the real, complex characters that push it past Hollywood tropes and into a richer future.